Vehicle Safety Inspections In Queanbeyan 

Do you want to do a vehicle safety inspection? Are you looking for the best place for Vehicle Safety Inspections in Queanbeyan? JSG Automotive is your best option.

  • Staying One Step Ahead: How Safety Inspections Help Identify Potential Risks

If you own a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, it is obvious that you will have to maintain them properly. Without proper maintenance, your vehicle will start showing signs of trouble which will make it harder to drive.

Apart from regular maintenance, you need to go for Vehicle Safety Inspections Queanbeyan every year because this check ensures that your vehicle is safe on the road. A vehicle safety inspection will check all your vehicle’s integral components like the brakes, engine, tyres, horns, seat belts, steering mechanism, etc. and when everything is alright within your vehicle you will be given the green light to take your car on the road. This not only keeps you safe but also everyone around you.

  • Don’t Compromise on Safety: Trust Our Vehicle Inspection Services

At JSG Automotive, we perform complete Vehicle Safety Inspections in Queanbeyan and ensure that each and every component of your vehicle is safe before giving you the green light. Here are the components that we look after

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The Brakes

Brakes are one of the most critical and integral components of your vehicle because they go a long way in keeping you safe. At JSG Automotive, we perform a very crucial brake evaluation during our Vehicle Safety Inspections Queanbeyan by running brake tests, measuring the width of the brake pads and ensuring they are road appropriate. We also check the emergency brake to make sure it is in working order.

  • The Horns

A horn blown at the right time can prevent an accident. So for our annual vehicle inspection, we at JSG Automotive check if your vehicle’s horns are working correctly and loudly. We use the horns more than 2-3 times to verify their working status and then we ensure it is loud enough for other vehicles to be able to hear it too.

  • Seat belts

The seat belt on your vehicle can save your life, should your vehicle collide with something or meet with an accident. Since the seat belts are the first and primary safety measure for the driver, at our Vehicle Safety Inspections in Queanbeyan, we at JSG Automotive properly check the seat belts and ensure it locks properly and has a proper grip.

  • The Tyres

The tyres on your vehicle ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable ride. At the same time, the tyres also ensure your safety on the road. We at JSG Automotive check your tyres and make sure that all the tyres on your vehicle are of the same type and that the tyre pressure is adequate with no cuts or breaks in the tyre that can compromise your safety.

  • The Lights

The lights on your vehicle play an important role to keep you safe, especially at night. So, for your safety at all times, during our Vehicle Safety Inspections Queanbeyan, JSG particularly checks the headlights and the tail lights of your vehicle and ensures that they’re in working order.

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