Timing Belt Change In Queanbeyan

Has your car’s timing belt incurred damage? Do you want to go for Timing Belt Change in Queanbeyan from a trustworthy place? JSG Automotive is the right option for you.

  • Protect your Engine by Knowing When To Change Your Car’s Timing Belt

If your vehicle’s timing belt is failing or has become worn out, it will exhibit some signs which will indicate that you need Timing Belt Change Queanbeyan. The following are the signs you should look out for

  • Engine Misfires or Rough Running:

If your timing belt has worn out, it will make the engine’s timing disruptive which will further lead to numerous problems like misfires, rough idling, or a distinctive decrease in the performance of your engine. To stop encountering any of these problems, visit us at JSG Automotive for a successful Timing Belt Change in Queanbeyan.

  • Ticking or Clicking Noises:

If you hear ticking or clicking sounds from the front of your vehicle’s engine, then it is indicating a worn-out timing belt. These noises are consistent with the belt’s rotation speed and need to be checked to properly identify any issue. Our trained mechanics at JSG Automotive can do this before it is too late.

  • Difficulty Starting the Engine:

Another sign of a damaged timing belt is when you face difficulty while starting the engine. Your experience may range from cranking to absolute failure when starting the engine, and the timing could be severely out of sync. This is a major problem and you need to have it checked right away.

  • Engine Vibrations:

If you notice that your engine is vibrating more than usual, especially when the engine is running, then you should know that your timing belt has worn out. This requires a replacement, so visit us at JSG Automotive for the best Timing Belt Change Queanbeyan.

  • Oil Leaks:

A timing belt that is failing can also cause oil leaks around the engine. This occurs when the belt’s tensioner or the other components get damaged and compromises the engine’s seals. If you notice any such issue it needs to be taken care of right away by our professionals at JSG Automotive.

  • Visible Cracks or Wear on the Belt:

Last but not least, a visual inspection will tell if you need to change the timing belt. Thus, it is always advisable to get it reviewed by a professional. Should you notice signs of glazing, cracking, fraying, or just excessive wear on the belt, then come over to JSG Automotive for a Timing Belt Change Queanbeyan.

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Timing Belt Change Done Right with our Quality Services

Generally it is advised to replace your vehicle’s timing belt after a certain mileage interval. An estimated time for this interval is 5 to 7 years or coverage of 96,000 to 160,000 kilometers. Usually, this number varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. However, if you witness any of the above-mentioned signs of timing belt damage, then immediately visit us at JSG Automotive for a Timing Belt Change in Queanbeyan before it is too late. Failing to fix a worn-out timing belt can lead to serious engine damage including miss coordination with the engine’s valves and pistons.

Our qualified mechanics will identify the problem with your timing belt and fix the issue right away before your vehicle incurs any further damage.

Timing Belt Change Queanbeyan

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