Car Air Conditioning Service and Repair In Queanbeyan 

Is your car’s air conditioning not cooling properly? Do you need Car Air Conditioner Service And Repair Queanbeyan? JSG Automotive is exactly what you’re looking for!

Beat the Heat! Signs your Car’s Air Conditioning Requires Professional Repair

Your car’s air conditioner is an integral component of your car as it makes your ride endurable during the hot summers. Like all other components, it also requires proper maintenance and repair to be able to function properly. Here are the signs for when you need Car Air Conditioner Repairs And Maintenance Queanbeyan

  • Inconsistent Cooling

If your car’s cooling system is inconsistent across all the vents then your air conditioning is probably low on refrigerant. This problem also points to the fact that low refrigerant levels are probably owing to a leak. This is a serious issue and you should immediately be tackled by our professionals at JSG Automotive for Car Air Conditioner Service And Repair Queanbeyan.

  • No Cold Air Whatsoever 

If you notice that your vehicle’s air conditioning is not giving out any cold air whatsoever then chances are that there is an issue with your vehicle’s ventilation fan. Some of the hoses inside the air conditioning can also be loose. Another reason for this problem can simply be the accumulation of dust, dirt and mould in the air conditioning system owing to which the evaporator is unable to work properly.

  • A Foul Odour

 If there’s a bad smell coming through the vents of your car right after you switch on the air conditioner in your car then it is most likely due to the accumulation of mould growth in the system or it is due to a dirty cabin filter. This problem requires some TLC so visit JSG Automotive for Car Air Conditioner Repairs And Maintenance in Queanbeyan.

  • Leaking 

Do you find your car’s air conditioner leaking water inside your car? Then immediately come over to JSG Automotive for Car Air Conditioner Repairs And Maintenance Queanbeyan because this is happening owing to a blockage in the drain. If this problem goes unchecked then it will lead to bigger and more expensive repairs. So, don’t let this become a serious problem and come to JSG Automotive.

  • Strange Sounds

Are you hearing groaning, clicking, rattling, grinding and squealing sounds coming from your car when the a/c is on? This can happen due to some debris being trapped in between the a/c fan or it can happen because of a loose belt tensioner, drive pulleys, a/c compressor or a squealing serpentine belt and a/c belt. Whatever the cause is, if you hear noises from your air conditioner, refrain from using it and visit us at JSG Automotive for an accurate fix.

  • Overactive A/C Clutch

Are you hearing the a/c clutch engage and disengage quite often? Then your car’s a/c has a low refrigerant charge. When the charge is low, the compressor cannot pressurise because there is not enough refrigerant. A visit to JSG Automotive will fix this issue by recharging the refrigerant.

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Reliable Car Air Conditioning Repair with our Services

At JSG Automotive we provide all ranges of services related to your car’s a/c. We assure you of the best Car Air Conditioner Service And Repair in Queanbeyan. Our trained mechanics will accurately check everything wrong with your a/c and accordingly carry out the repairs needed.

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