Transmission Repair and Replacement In Queanbeyan 

Are you facing Transmission-related issues in your car? Do you need to replace the Transmission of your car? JSG Automotive is here to provide you with the best Transmission Repairs And Replacements in Queanbeyan.

  • Understanding Gearbox Failure: Reasons Why Your Transmission Might Need Replacement

The Transmission, is an essential component of your car that ensures it runs smooth and safe. Your Transmission needs to be in complete working order before you can take your car out on the road otherwise you will be compromising on your safety. Below mentioned are the signs that will indicate a broken car and can be fixed by Transmission Repairs And Replacement Queanbeyan.

  • Problems shifting gears

Are you facing hesitation or resistance while putting your car into gear or a jerking motion when shifting gears? If so, chances are your transmission system has run into a problem. If your car shifts gears or just falls out of gears while you are driving, even though you have given no input, then visit JSG Automotive for the best Transmission Repairs And Replacement in Queanbeyan.

  • Unusual noises

If you keep hearing an unusual buzzing, clunking or whining noise from the Transmission of your car then it usually indicates trouble. If this noise is excessive especially when the car is in neutral gear then visit us at JSG Automotive right away for Transmission Repairs And Replacement Queanbeyan.

  • Leaking fluid

Transmission or gearbox fluid is clear red in colour in most vehicles. So, if you encounter pools or spots of red liquid underneath your car, it may be a cause of damage inside the transmission or failing seals. In that case, immediately head over to JSG Automotive before the damage extends further onto your car’s components.

  • Burning smell

If you experience a burning smell emitting from your car then it is a clear sign that your car’s gears are overheating due to excess friction, which is a result of a lack of transmission fluid. The burning smell from the transmission fluid is also a sign of damage to the gearbox. So, come over to JSG Automotive for the most accurate Transmission Repairs And Replacement Queanbeyan.

  • Mileage and maintenance history

Wear and tear is extremely normal with your car’s components. Although gearboxes have quite a long lifespan, they will wear away over time, especially if your car is subject to carrying heavy loads, doing a lot of aggressive driving, or avoiding regular maintenance. You should check your car’s maintenance history to be able to determine if your gearbox requires replacement.

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As mentioned above, your gearbox is a vital part of your car because it ensures a comfortable ride as well as safety on the road. If you encounter any of the signs mentioned then come over to JSG Automotive right away for accurate Transmission Repairs And Replacement Queanbeyan.

Our trained technicians have all the expertise needed to work with gear boxes. They will determine the problem with your car’s transmission system and find an accurate fix to the problem in no time so that you can be on the road, enjoying your car ride, safe and secure.

Gearbox Repairs And Replacement in Queanbeyan.

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